The DET53C COMPACTOR SCREW is a specially designed unit to transport and compact solid waste blocked by the Automatic Screens, Filtering Sieves, Rotating Sieves, etc.

The purpose of the compactor screw is to be a one-stop-shop for transporting and compacting solid waste, obtaining a degree of dryness of up to 40%.

The compactor screw has the advantage that the solids caught in the loading hopper can be from very diverse origins (slurry, viscous, fibrous, sandy, etc.), thus they are appropriate for many different applications:

- Urban and waste water treatment plants.

- Collectors and pumping stations.

- Paper industry.

- Chemical industry.

- Agriculture.

- Food industry.

- Etc.

The transporter-compactor drops the waste in the pressing section, where the spiral is surrounded by a mesh filter. This spiral does not extend to the end of the channel in order for the waste to be pressed. This waste exits through the door which features an adjustable flap which allows the degree of compacting to be controlled.



This consists of a geared motor with a hollow output shaft working directly on the main shaft. At the end of this, there is a flange to couple onto the end of the auger.



Made from stainless steel (Aisi 304 & 316). This is where the transporter screw is housed, producing the solid waste during transit. The upper section is sealed by bolted lids; these can be dismantled to facilitate the inspection and cleaning of the unit. At the ends there are legs for anchorage and support; these can be designed for the unit to work at an angle. It also has an outlet pipe to drain off liquids.



Between the channel and the transporter screw there is a covering comprised of a layer of high density polyethylene which lubricates the spinning auger and protects against wear.



This can be made from carbon or stainless steel. It is an Archimedes-type spiral made from coreless curved plate (hollow shaft).



This is the solids removal hopper located above the auger compactor channel. Made from stainless steel, it can be designed and built according to client needs.



It is bolted on after the transporter channel and has a special filter cylinder made from stainless steel. At the bottom of the outlet, there is a cover from a counterweight system which permits the degree of compacting to be controlled.

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