The spillway screen is the ideal solution for the mechanical screening of floating materials in the spillway in "overflow" situations.

This unit is used to filter rainwater or as spillway treatment in case of wastewater overflows or heavy rainfall.

Peak flows or excess flowscan occur in urban wastewater treatment plants, caused by heavy rainfall, population growth in municipalities, and other factors that can significantly increase the design flow rates of the plants. These excess flows are currently discharged into rivers or the sea without having previously removed the suspended solids, which causes significant damage to the environment.

The IDM spillway screen retains floating and suspended solids carried by the water flow. It is designed as a fine screen and is placed in front of the discharge wall of the sewerage system or storm tank. The filtering surface is a perforated metal plate wedge on which a screw conveyor with a core is mounted. The solids contained in the water entering the filter basket are retained, and the screw conveyor carries them to the discharge zone. At the same time as the waste is transported, the basket is cleaned by the sweeping effect of a brush mounted on the screw propeller. The waste is returned to the wastewater channel which sends it to the entryof the treatment plant for subsequent treatment in the WWTP. The equipment operates fully automatically.

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