Hydraulic compactors are used to compact waste. They are highly effective mechanismswhen the volumes and forms of the waste generated differ greatly to the waste that is usually generated by the coarse screens.

Hydraulic compactors eliminate a considerable amount of water from the treated waste, making the waste management much more efficient, on achieving a large reduction in volume, as the waste obtained in coarse removal usually obtains around 85% of water.

Due to the fact that it has a cylinder with a piston that works horizontally, this equipment very easily presses waste of unequal volumes. On eliminating a large part of the water that makes up the waste, there is also a reduction in odours in the compacted waste. The IDM compactors press, dewater and transport waste with a very low maintenance cost due to the simplicity of its design without chains, bearings etc...

By means of its back and forth movement, and favoured by the discharge outlet being above this level, the piston, driven by the hydraulic group,compresses the waste, dewatering it and eliminating the water through the lower part of the compacting chamber where a filtering mesh is located.

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