The DET37T SAND CLASSIFIER, also known as AUGER SAND WASHER or EXTRACTOR, is a single unit where the water needing treatment enters the settling tank through an inlet. The tank has a special design which favours solids (sands) being deposited at the bottom.

The solids are transported through the sand classifier by means of a screw spindle along a ramp up to the discharge chute where they are deposited. This transportation moves slowly without any chop which benefits the draining of the sands before they are discharged into the container.

The water treated in the sand classifier moves through an inner weir to the outlet pipe and from there to the plant intake. This flow will determine the size of the machine and can vary between 10 m3/hr. and 150 m3/hr., depending on client needs.

The sand classifier can be used in many fields, from waste water treatment plants, chemical industry, paper plants, recycling plants to agri-foods, etc. This is the result of advantages such as high performance-cost ratio, easy operation, easy installation and low maintenance needs.



consists of a geared motor unit with a hollow output shaft that is fixed directly onto a shaft flush against the end of the screw spindle.



is a metal cube made of stainless steel; its special design features favour sand settling at its base. Water runs in from the upper section to a tray, facilitating laminar flow of the liquid, and exits sand-free through the outlet via a weir. It has lids at the top and a venting valve at the bottom of the tank. Likewise, there is a sloped channel up which the settled sand rises to the discharge chute.



This is a coreless transporter auger which lifts the sands to the upper section to the discharge point. Its turning motion brushes against a wear-resistant polyethylene cradle.



Made from stainless steel just like the rest of the sand classifier, they were created to support the weight of the whole machine and anchor it to the ground.

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