The DET55 SCREW SCREEN is designed for low flow waste water treatment plants where a fine screening of both industrial and waste water is required.

The waste from the screw screen is retained in the mesh filter where a transporter auger cleans it away by means of brushes which, in turn, move it to the upper area to then be discharged. The main feature of the screw screen is that it brings together several functions at once, avoiding the need to install complementary equipment. It works for fine screening, transporting and compacting/drying.

It is a single unit which greatly simplifies on-site installation. The screw screen can also be built inside a module or metal tank with a flanged connection, thus avoiding any civil works construction.



This is the area where the sieving occurs: separating solids in the liquid by means of the mesh filter. It is 100 % stainless steel and mainly comprises the pitched mesh filter.

Transport channel: Made from stainless steel plate. The upper section is sealed by bolted lids; these can be dismantled to facilitate the inspection and cleaning of the unit. Anchor points are coupled at the ends to provide it with a slope. It is covered inside with high density polyethylene where it brushes against the auger.



This is a coreless auger transporter whose lower section is thicker and has a brush attached to the edge whose purpose is to clean the filtration area. It can be made in both carbon and stainless steel. The upper section is a different diameter and it is meant to transport waste to the upper discharger.



This comprises a hollow shaft geared motor coupled directly onto the helix, providing the rotational movement.



Located in the upper part of the unit and essentially consisting of a highly resistant filtration cylinder. The final compression of the retained solids takes place here and the excess liquid extracted is returned to the channel.



This is where the solid materials transported by the screw exit the screw screen. The height can be set according to discharges into a container, bin or bag.


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