The DET03-47 wall penstock is designed to be assembled onto a concrete wall using expansion or chemical anchors. It is two-way, allowing the liquid to move in both directions and sealed on all four sides to prevent leaks. It is suitable for use with clean liquids or those with solid content from waste water treatment plants, irrigation farming, pipes, etc.

It can be installed on holes in circular or rectangular-section walls using drills - using the framework of the penstock itself as a guide. The inner dimensions of the wall penstock passageway tend to coincide with those of the hole in the concrete wall. Thus, when the wall penstock is open, water flows through without impediment and continuously to prevent waste build-up.



moves up and down to control the passing of liquid. Made from stainless steel, it has reinforcement ribs sized according to the pressure to be resisted. It also includes special elastomer profiles to guarantee water tightness at the top, sides and bottom sections.



also made from stainless steel, with plate profiles cut by laser and folded, it has a special guidance system which uses parts made from low density polyethylene which lowers the friction coefficient when regulating the wall penstock.



made from stainless steel, it has a DIN 103 trapezoidal thread which means it can support high loads with minimal wear. It is linked to a bronze nut, with the same threading, to form a design that does NOT allow upward movement of the spindle.



– Manual: has a Ø 300 mm polyamide steering wheel reinforced with fibreglass and a bearing to absorb the axial force.


– Motorised: choice between an electric drive with limit switches and torque limiter included, pneumatic cylinder and hydraulic cylinder.

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